Marines celebrate 239th birthday

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More than 200 years ago, those ready to sign up and lend their lives to increase naval forces in the Revolutionary War stopped by a local tavern in Philadelphia. And so the Marine Corps was born.

The Department of Defense recognizes the 239th birth of the Marine Corps on November 10th this year.

According to Marine Corps tradition and Philadelphia history, the USMC was unofficially founded at Tuns Tavern on Water Street as men signed up under Captain Samuel Nicholas.

Congress ordered the recreation of the Corp on July 11th, 1798, according to the DoD, and by 1921 the Corps date in inception was officially changed back to the November 10th date to commemorate when the force was initially established.

On Wednesday, Camp Lejeune celebrated the occasion with a long standing tradition: a cake was presented to the oldest and youngest Marine in attendance.