MCAS Cherry Point to become maintenance hub for F-35 fighter jets

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The future of Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in Havelock is a bit more secure. On Wednesday, Lockheed Martin announced that Cherry Point will become one of the Marine Corps maintenance hubs for their newest fighter jets.

The future of military aviation is the F-35 fighter jet and for the Marine Corps, more specifically the F-35B. North Carolina Senator Richard Burr and several other officials got a look at the new jet and its capabilities on Wednesday.

The Marine Corps has decided that Cherry Point will have one of the largest fleets of these new aircrafts, meaning that the base will continue to grow.

During the event, Mayor Will Louis shared just how these new jets will positively impact MCAS Cherry Point, as well as the city of Havelock.

"So the F-35 coming ensures that we're going to have the squadrons that we are going to have, after we lose our A-6 squadrons," says Louis. "So it's the Marines that are here and it's their families, and the jobs associated."

Right now, MCAS Cherry Point has six F-35B fighters that they are working on maintaining and tweaking to their specifications. The air station is on track to be a hub for 94 F-35's and will serve as one of the maintenance hubs for jets from other air stations.