Camp Lejeune Marine Shares Story Of Survival, Recovery After IED Blast

A marine is sharing his story of survival, alongside his faithful K-9, after an IED blast.

Sergeant Mark Daniels and his K-9 Aura sat down exclusively with our Clayton Bauman on Monday, to recount the moments of the attack.

The two, who have been working together for over 3 years, fell prey to an IED blast in Afghanistan back in June 2013.

Daniels' wife Jesca shared a video she recorded when her husband and Aura were reunited five months later.

Daniels suffered a traumatic brain injury and some spinal damage, while Aura suffered a collapsed lung and heart arrhythmia.

The Sergeant described the moments following the blast, after they had just finished duty for the day.

Daniels said, " I remember waking up and it was myself and the radio operator and Aura. Aura was actually the first thing I saw when I came to, and Aura was just kind of wagging her tail like, 'It was fun I guess'."

The two are still in the midst of recovery, but one thing is clear, their future appears bright.

"Eventually, whenever she is ready to retire, we'll go through the process and adopt her," said Daniels. "But as long as there is fire in her, I'd like to see her spread her legacy."