WITN News At Sunrise Went On The Road Friday

WITN News at Sunrise went on the road, or rather the ferry, as Heather King and Jim Howard broadcast live from Ocracoke Island in Hyde County Friday morning.

Heather and Jim showcased the people, natural beauty and history of the Hyde County island.

A popular, familiar sight on Ocracoke is the lighthouse. It's been guiding mariners around the island since 1823. According to the National Park Service, it is the second oldest operating lighthouse in the country.

Ocracoke is well known for its beautiful beaches. The island consistently scores well in Dr. Beach's annual list of our country's best beaches. Ocracoke's 16 miles of beautiful, pristine beaches do well in categories like cleanliness, beauty and conditions.

There are many places you can learn about Ocracoke's history on the island, like the David Williams House Museum. The Ocracoke Preservation Society runs the museum, which is a 100-year-old house once owned by David Williams. Williams, according to online information, was the first Chief of the U.S. Coast Guard station on the island.

Blackbeard history is also popular on the island. The pirate, also known as Edward Teach, spent time on the island, resting up and scouring the seas for ships to pillage. There are several places you can check out Blackbeard history on Ocracoke.

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