Kinston ending year with 61 shootings, 41 people hit

Kinston is ending the year with 61 shootings in the city, eight of those being cleared with an arrest.

Police released detailed information on shootings in the city Wednesday afternoon, after WITN requested the information on Tuesday.

Since Christmas there have been nine shootings in the city, the latest Tuesday morning where a home was struck 14 times.

According to the statistics, out of the 61 shootings, 41 people were struck by gunfire with three people murdered. Two of those murders remain unsolved.

In 20 cases, the victims refused to cooperate with police, while police say in another 25 shootings they have exhausted leads. Only eight of the cases remain open.

In October, Mayor BJ Murphy announced a five part plan to curb crime. But since then police have said the number of shootings have actually increased.

Police cite a lack of cooperation in not being able to solve more of the shootings. Earlier this month, CrimeStoppers was restarted in Kinston with hopes of tips coming in to help solve more of these crimes. Their number is 252-523-4444.