Kinston City Council repeals nepotism policy

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Less than six months after changing their policy on hiring relatives, the Kinston City Council reversed their decision.

Back in September, the city council changed its policy to allow their family members, and those of the mayor, to work for the city. The vote changed a policy that had been around since 1987.

Officials chose to revisit the nepotism policy with two new members on the council, including Gordon Vermillion and Felicia Solomon.

On Monday night, the policy was repealed with a total of four votes.

"We haven't had any problems with it in many, many years. Why change it now," said Councilmember Vermillion.

Every resident who spoke at the meeting said they wanted the policy to be repealed.

"I'm just extremely happy we've gotten the policy back into place and for the voters to know, we heard you," said Councilmember Solomon.

Vermillion and Solomon's votes were needed to change the policy back. Councilman Sammy Aiken and Mayor Pro-tem Robert Swinson, who joined the meeting via teleconference, voted in line with the way they voted in September.

Councilman Wynn Whittington was not present on Monday. He's the only person still on the council who voted to change the nepotism policy in the first place.

City officials said no relatives have been hired by the city.