Jacksonville police exploring the use of body cameras

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More and more police agencies are implementing the use of body cameras to document what happens out on patrol, and officers in Jacksonville could be among the next to wear them.

Chief Mike Yaniero said they have money in the budget to buy body cameras, but are still researching which ones to get, and how to use them along with the in-car cameras Jacksonville police have used for several years.

The department made a presentation to city council, which supported the decision to research more options.

The ability of the cameras to be used in low light, while running, and overall clarity, are being looked at now.

Chief Yaniero says, "We want to be able to compliment that and in order to do that, one of the things that is important is we have to do research because we want those two cameras, the body cam and the in-car camera, to be a compliment to each other so we can see more information from these events.

Yaniero expects all officers to have body cams within the next three years.

He says they will be used to hold the officers accountable, but also as a learning technique as officers can review footage from their encounters and the encounters of other officers.