PAMLICO COUNTY: Voluntary Evacuations, Shelter Open

Storm surge is a big concern for residents in Pamlico County.

We received word Saturday afternoon that folks who live in low-lying areas are being urged to evacuate.

An emergency shelter opened at 6:00 p.m. Saturday at Pamlico Community College.

People who live in the county can call 252-745-3861 with questions.

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In Lowland on Friday, we spoke with a couple that had major home flooding and damage from Hurricane Irene and they say they are ready for Sandy which is not expected to have a lesser impact.

Audrey Lupton and her husband say they feel like they just got their life back on track after Irene destroyed their home with more than 18 inches of water seeping inside. The Luptons say they are going to take some measures to prepare for Sandy.

"We got two cars and a truck, and were going to take our cars out to Hobuken over just on the other side of the high rise bridge there is an area that is pretty high," said Audrey Lupton.

Everyone we spoke with in Pamlico County Friday said they are riding out the storm.

The storm surge expected during Sandy could be 4-6 feet and could cause significant flooding in Pamlico and other counties on the water, so the National Weather Service says be ready to leave homes that are not elevated.

Hurricane Sandy has forced one Eastern Carolina county to scale back one-stop voting this weekend.

Pamlico County election officials say for the safety of voters and election officials, one-stop voting has been cancelled for Sunday, and will end at 4:00 p.m. Saturday.

The elections board says weather conditions will be closely monitored and additional changes will be announced if warranted.