Havelock Police Sweep Area For Sweepstakes Businesses

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One day of business busts ended with a loaded truck full of illegal internet gaming equipment from Havelock area businesses.

Seven businesses were raided on Thursday, all along East or West Main Street and U.S. 70.

Havelock police worked alongside members of the Craven County Sheriff's office to serve search warrants on seven businesses known to facilitate the illegal gaming.

Police say the following businesses were found to be in possession of gaming equipment or relevant evidence:

- Internet Connections at 1329 East Main St.

- B&B Internet Access at 925 East Main St.

- U.S. Mini Mart at 221 East Main St.

- Food Fare at 227 West Main St.

- Mr. P's Sweepstakes at 900 U.S. 70 West

- Jean's Place at 220 East Main St.

- Super Expressway at 807 East Main St.

- Ben's Beach Bingo at 1333 East Main St.

Police seized over 300 pieces of evidence during the raids. They say arrests are pending review from the District Attorney's Office.