Group Delivers "Congressional Climate Denier Award" To Jones' Office

U.S. Representative Walter Jones is taking some heat when it comes to the issue of global warming.

Volunteers with "Organizing For Action" held an event Tuesday afternoon at the Republican's Greenville office.

The group presented a staff member of the congressman with what they call the "Congressional Climate Denier Award". The award is a statue of a unicorn, which they say symbolizes the fantasy beliefs the congressman holds about global warming and climate change.

An engraving on the statue reads, "For exceptional extremism and ignoring the overwhelming judgment of science".

Michael Schachter, a spokesperson for the group, says he hopes the award will get the congressman's attention. Schachter says, "We're hoping that Representative Jones will change his mind on climate change, and we'll be very happy if he returns this award and says that climate change is real and that he does something about it in the Congress."

Jones' staff declined to comment about the award or his positions on climate change.