Greenville Councilmember Smith: "That Money Came Out Of My Pocket, I Just Want It Back"

Greenville city council has voted unanimously to pay attorney fees for council member Kandie Smith who was arrested last summer by Greenville police.

Smith was excused from voting on the measure which will pay $2,150 in costs she incurred in defending herself for second degree trespass and resisting, delaying or obstructing an officer. A judge found Smith not guilty after a trial in August.

Smith tells WITN, "Personally, I didn't ask for it to happen and for those who are asking, wow did she want to get arrested, I was not trying to be like MLK, I respect him, but I never wanted to be arrested. I thought it would be fair I do get my reimbursement. I'm not trying to ask the city for anything more or anything less, that was the money that came out of my pocket and I think people are interpreting it as they're paying me and they're not paying me, that was money that came out of my pocket I just asked for it back."

The councilwoman was arrested after an incident in the early morning hours of June 6th. Smith said she was looking into allegations of police brutality and harassment in downtown Greenville when she was arrested.

Councilman Calvin Mercer says council was not required to pay the attorney fees. But city council said Smith was acting in her official capacity as a council member when she was arrested.

The vote was taken after city council went into a closed session to discuss the payment.