Greenville Police encourage pedestrian safety by handing out "tickets"

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Police are catching people for doing the right things at crosswalks to kick off a new safety initiative.

We've all seen the police write someone a ticket for breaking the law, but on Friday police were handing out a different kind of ticket.

Greenville police officers were handing out free coupons for food at The Scullery and Sup Dogs along 5th Street. It's a way to reward drivers for following the law and stopping for pedestrians at crosswalks.

Jessica Lemon was among those who got "ticketed."

"Of course I want to follow the rules if I expect my kids to follow the rules," says Lemon.

Sgt. Michael Montanye says it's all part of the Watch for Me N.C. Campaign.

"The number of pedestrian-involved crashes has been on the rise for quite some time. 2,400 pedestrians statewide, around 900 bicyclists each year are involved in some sort of motor vehicle crash. That's a staggering statistic."

The sergeant says GPD started the initiative last year after they partnered with the N.C. Department of Transportation and the UNC Highway Research Center.

GPD will be running the campaign through March, but won't say when or where they'll be handing out "tickets."