Greenville Boulevard Shooting Victims, First Responders Honored By Greenville City Council

The victims shot in June along Greenville Boulevard, and the first responders on the scene, were honored Thursday night by Greenville City Council.

Tim Edwards was shot outside the Kellum Law Firm while in his car, and Vernon Leggett was shot in the Walmart parking lot. They were both at the ceremony. Carroll Oakes and Haywood Whichard were also shot but they were not at the meeting.

Mayor Allen Thomas and Police Chief Hassan Aden paid tribute to all of them, as well as some of the first responders on scene.

Both Edwards and Leggett chose not to speak with us as they continue to recover from their facial injuries.

Leggett's daughter Amy told us, "He lost a kidney, a spleen, a gallbladder, had damage to his pancreas."

Lenn Jackson, a friend of Tim Edwards, says, "He's not in any pain, he's anticipating to have some more plastic surgery to have some more work done to his jaw and face area."

The first responders were also recognized.

Chief Hassan Aden says going through a shooting can be difficult on an officer mentally. He says, That's the first thing that we think of. We provide them with assistance through employees' assistance programs, and other counseling, and we make sure that they're ready to come back to the street. And if they're not, we do take care of them and we give them time."

Jackson says Edwards feels they deserve even more recognition than the victims. Jackson says, "Tim's very proud to be here tonight, he's very proud of our city, he's very proud of the first responders, all of those caretakers and caregivers that have helped work to rehabilitate him to where he is today."

Chief Aden says he's proud of how far the victims have come since seeing them days after the shooting when they were in the hospital. He says he's grown close with them, and now, treats them like family.