Greene County Prison Would Become Women's Facility If Budget Passes

There will be some changes in Eastern Carolina prisons if the state budget passes in its current form and is signed by the governor.

Under the budget, Eastern Correctional Institution in Maury would become a women's prison. Eastern, not to be confused with the much larger Maury Correctional Institution, is a medium security prison for about 430 men.

The budget says two other women prisons would then be shut down in January, with those inmates moved to Eastern. Those two prisons are Fountain Correctional Center for Women outside of Rocky Mount, and North Piedmont in Davidson County.

Fountain has been a women's prison since 1976 and has a 510 inmate capacity. That prison employs nearly 200 workers.

The House is expected to vote on the budget on Saturday, while Governor McCrory could sign it into law by Monday.