Gov. McCrory signs 9 bills, including changes to law allowing use of marijuana extract

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Gov. Pat McCrory has signed legislation changes to North Carolina's 2014 law that authorized use of a marijuana extract for treating children with severe epilepsy.

The governor announced Friday he had signed the new hemp oil bill and eight others this week, including another authorizing a study into zip-line safety and increasing penalties for wrongdoing related to carnival ride accidents. The study comes after a 12-year-old girl died last month after falling from a zip line in Alleghany County.

McCrory also signed last year's law on hemp oil, which had limited its distribution to parents participating in certain pilot studies, but such studies aren't occurring. Under the changes, caregivers register with the state and get a neurologist from any state hospital to sign off on the treatment.

Governor McCrory also signed the following bills:

H.B. 39 - A bill increasing the civil and criminal penalties for the violation of safety laws pertaining to amusement devices. The bill also directs the Department of Labor to study the need for regulation of ziplines.

H.B. 255 - A bill reforming building code enforcement to promote economic growth.

H.B. 288 - A bill providing omnibus technical corrections as recommended by the Department of Insurance.

H.B. 634 - A bill clarifying the definition of built-upon area for purposes of storm-water programs.

H.B. 705 - A bill broadening the types of subsurface waste-water treatment systems that may serve as the basis for designated repair area requirements for replacement waste-water treatment systems, and making capacity and management changes for certain dispersal systems.

H.B. 273 - A bill clarifying that the provisions regarding deferred prosecution and conditional discharge for convictions of H and I felonies and misdemeanors under Structured Sentencing, do not apply to convictions of impaired driving and that offenses involving impaired driving cannot be expunged.

H.B. 376 - A bill amending the rules of civil procedure to modernize discovery of expert witnesses and to clarify expert witness costs in civil actions.

S.B. 654 - A bill requiring the Department of Transportation to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Wilmington Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization and its members for any claims arising out of its adoption, filing, or amendment of a corridor map. The bill also makes conforming changes.

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