Go Red for Women campaign is saving lives

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You may have noticed more people wearing red on Friday. It was in support of national Go Red for Women day.

While Eastern Carolina has some of the highest rates of heart and vascular disease in the nation, there is some good news. According to the American Heart Association, less women are dying from heart disease because of awareness and prevention.

"People still see this as a man's disease," says Family Nurse Practitioner Helene Reilly. "Women still think cancer is the leading cause of death, specifically Breast Cancer and it's not."

Reilly is a Family Practitioner for Cardiac Health at the Heart Institute in Greenville. She says each year, one and three women will die of a heart disease and stroke.

Since the Go Red for Women campaign started in 2004, 300 fewer women die from heart disease each day.

"Most of the risk factors for heart disease are preventable," says Reilly. "About 80% are preventable."

How can women reduce their chances for heart disease? Physicians say know your numbers, your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose. They also suggest exercising, losing extra pounds and quitting smoking.

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