More flooding hits North Topsail Beach at high tide

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There's more flooding at North Topsail Beach, brought on by astronomical high tides because of the super moon.

Many homes at the north end of Topsail Island were completely surrounded by water at high tide Tuesday morning. Several stair cases and fencing have been washed away by the water.

Town officials yesterday said they were looking at ways to replace sand to protect the homes.

The lunar-enhanced high tides should subside over the next couple of days, but forecasters say Tropical Storm Joaquin may cause more problems this weekend.

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This weekend's storm wasn't kind to one beach town in Eastern Carolina.

The road at the end of North Topsail Beach remains closed to traffic today as beach flooding continues on River Drive.

Beach erosion is also a problem at the north end, with most of a new parking lot the town put in earlier this year now gone thanks to the storm.

Water is also standing in the garage areas of several homes at that end of the island.