Evans Street Gateway Into Uptown Greenville Getting Makeover

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The City of Greenville Is putting a heavily traveled road on a diet. City economists and traffic engineers have designed a plan for part of Evans Street in Greenville that stretches the blocks between 10th Street and Reade Circle. The idea is to go from four lanes to two- creating a substantial space for bike lanes and sidewalks. Its a move to spruce up the gateway to the uptown district that economists say will bring more business to the area.

"Evans has four travel lanes throughout most of it's part, and that'll be reduced to two lanes, one in each direction, but there will be a separate left turn lane at all the intersections in between."
said City traffic engineer Richard DiCesare.

Engineers say they've crunched the numbers, and considering who will use the newly designed road and those who avoid it, if you need Evans to commute into uptown, you will not see a big difference on the commute time.