Cross country bike trek raises awareness about sex trafficking

A man riding his bike across the country to raise awareness about sex trafficking, made his way to Greenville Friday on the 4,000th mile of his12.000 mile journey.

Daniel Lemke, founder of "Break the Cycle," is riding his bike across the United States for the next 15-months.

Friday he made his way to Greenville and got the chance to speak with Restore One -- a ministry in eastern Carolina that offers shelters to boys who are survivors of sex trafficking.

At each stop Lemke is speaking with local organizations, churches and schools about sex trafficking in the U.S.

Lemke says "Break the Cycle" is aimed at getting people out of the cycle of thinking sex trafficking doesn't happen here in the states.

Lemke -- who's from Colorado -- started his journey there and will make his way to Washington state before heading home.