Investigation Continues Into Fire At Jarrett Bay Boatworks In Beaufort

The SBI and the Carteret County Fire Marshal are investigating what started a blaze that damaged three boats over the weekend, including two luxury yachts.

Beaufort firefighters were called out to the Jarrett Bay Marine industrial park at 3:00 saturday morning. When they got on scene the huge yacht Montana Moon was heavily engulfed in flames. A big yacht that was parked on land next to Montana Moon was damaged, along with a smaller sailboat.

Firefighters fought hard until 5:30 Saturday afternoon to get the fire under control.

Crews were on scene through Sunday to take care of hot spots.

Fuel tanks that were very close to the boats had to be moved for safety.


Firefighters have cleared the scene where two boats went up in flames a production plant.

A member with the Beaufort Fire Department says that two boats, a sailboat and a yacht, were destroyed in the blaze at Jarrett Bay Boatworks.

An official wasn't available to comment on what may have caused the fires.

Nobody was injured.

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Firefighters are at the scene of a boat fire at a production plant in the east.

A member of the Beaufort Fire Department confirmed with WITN that a crew responded to a boat fire at Jarrett Bay Boatworks. They say that nobody was injured.

We’re told that crews were beginning to clear the scene and that more details would be available later in the day.