Craven County GOP Applauds Judge's Ruling

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The Craven County Republican Party is applauding a ruling by a federal judge that voters across the state must be warned that touch-screen voting machines are sensitive and poll workers will need to keep detailed records of complaints about the machines during this week's elections.

The ruling stems from a lawsuit filed by the state Republican party against the State Board of Elections. The lawsuit alleges, in some instances, the touch-screen machines changed votes for Republican candidates to Democrat. Some of which came from Craven County.

In the judge's temporary order, records from the ivotronic voting machines must be preserved.

Chairman of the Craven County Republican Party, Chuck Tyson, says this is a win for voters but hopes something will be done in future to prevent this from happening again. "At this late stage in the election, I think it's the only thing that can be done. So I think moving forward the state board and the local board need to look into the reliability of these touch-screen voting machines."

Thirty-five counties use the machines for one-stop voting and 23 use them on election day.