Country's First Safe House For Male Human Trafficking Victims Coming To The East

Human trafficking has been described as a modern form of slavery and a growing problem and a local organization is working to help its victims.

North Carolina is ranked in the top ten for human trafficking in America. And it's for that reason a new safe haven for victims is coming to the east.

Members of Restore One in Greenville plan to build "The Anchor House," a safe house specifically for male victims of sex trafficking.

Justine Williams of Restore One says, "The sort of poster child is a girl right now but we're actually bringing light to as many as half of those children are boys."

The Anchor House will be a place for boys ages 12-17. Because it is a recovery and treatment center, the exact location isn't being disclosed.

Restore One's Jason Lineberger says, "We've had calls asking us if we're open because there are rescues and boys don't have anywhere to go. There are dozens of cases where law enforcement comes upon these situations and there is nowhere to send the boys, there is just nowhere to send them, they will send them to a facility that isn't trained and equipped to help them."

Members of Restore One say they hope The Anchor House will be completed by October and set an example for the rest of the country.