Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative hands out bright ideas grants to teachers

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A local utility provider is giving out thousands of dollars in grant money to help students learn in more creative ways.

It's called the "Bright Ideas" grant program and it has been funded by the Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative for more than 20-years.

The grants give teachers, like West Carteret's Michael Helm, money to fund their own projects that enhance students learning experiences.

Helm will use a $1,000 grant to get an interactive, 3D projector to help his students better understand topography.

These grants are awarded for a wide range of projects from technology to music and arts.

Another grant will help history students partner with local museums to find out the history of their school and what the area was used for before it became a school.

Other students and teachers will be growing and replanting sea grass at the Rachel Carson Reserve.

This year, 34 teachers in Carteret and Craven County got more than $23,000 to fund individual projects to enhance the learning experience for more than 9,600 students.

The "Bright Ideas" grant program has been going on for the past 21-years and has provided local teachers more than $330,000 in grant money.