New housing complex gets city OK for students to move in

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A new high-end housing complex got the green light this morning for move in, starting Saturday.

Developer Tom Taft says Greenville inspectors gave The Boundary a temporary occupancy certificate after inspectors toured the Reade Circle complex Friday morning.

The 300,000 square foot facility has been under construction for the past 16-months. Some 550 students are expected to start moving in tomorrow, and there had been some concern it would not be ready due to weather delays.

Taft said as a precaution, they had blocked off local hotel rooms just in case the move in was delayed.

He said there are still outside finishing touches to complete, including landscaping. But he said inside, the rooms are ready to be occupied.

"Probably another 3 to 4 weeks to completely turn key," Taft said of the construction. "Probably in 2 weeks you won't really notice what's not finished."

The complex is geared toward ECU students, though anyone can live there.

Taft told WITN that work on the ground floor retail space will continue and not impact people moving in.

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A multimillion dollar housing complex for East Carolina University students is slated to open by August 15th, but there has been some concerns on social media that the apartment complex will not open by the start of school, leaving 550 people without a place to live.

Despite those concerns, Mike McCarty with Taft Building Group says the 300,000 square foot building will open on time.

McCarty says, "We were behind originally, with weather delays over the past 16 months, but we have optimized our schedule. We've thrown more people into the project, a lot more resources, now we have over 200 people working on the project and so we're caught back up."

While the bricks are still going up--it will eventually transform into a luxury complex with a large pool, hammock yard, courtyard and retail shops.

McCarty says all of those things will be complete, saying, "Life safety of the building is the number one concern, but we've have a great quality contractor working on the project and we're really excited about the quality and finish of what is inside the building right now."

McCarty says they do have a contingency plan, if by chance, the complex isn't ready by move in day on August 15th. That plan could include finding hotel space for the residents who don't have a place to stay.