Blind Survivor Of 9/11 Promotes Disability Awareness At ECU

A blind man with an amazing story of survival visited East Carolina University Wednesday to deliver his message about creating opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Michael Hingson was a sales executive working in the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001 when the terrorist attacks unfolded.

Hingson escaped the building by travelling down 76 flights of stairs with the help of his seeing eye dog.

After writing a best selling book about the ordeal and the trust and teamwork between he and his service dog, Hingson now travels the country speaking about the capabilities of people with disabilities.

He says people with disabilities are often overlooked or undervalued in the workplace and wants people to see the real value they possess . Hingson says, "When a person gets a job they're going to be very loyal to the company. They're going to be very much concerned about making sure they do everything they can to make that company successful more so than the average person because we also know that we have to work harder just to viewed potentially as equal."

Hingson spoke with various groups of students and staff throughout the day Wednesday.