Beaufort County Commissioners vote to take over Voice of America site with one stipulation

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An update on a huge piece of property in the east that could be developed into a place of recreation.

The Beaufort County Commissioners voted Friday morning to take over the 3,000 acre Voice of America property off Cherry Run Road, for free.

Commissioner Hood Richardson says that Beaufort County will take the property with one condition. The commissioners want to be able to use 10 percent of the property to build a solar or wind farm to be able to afford developing the property.

We'll let you know how the Park Service responds.


The talk of possibly owning 3,000 acres of land in the east is on the table as local commissioners hold a meeting Friday.

The Beaufort County Board of Commissioners will meet 8:30 a.m. to discuss acquiring the Voice of America Property off Cherry Run Road.

The National Park Service originally owned the land, but it has been unused since 2006.

Now, Beaufort County wants to turn the property into a park for recreational use.

The board will be holding a closed session meeting to discuss the VOA site.

Other property in the area is expected to be discussed as well.

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Beaufort County is considering a deal that would give them nearly 3,000 acres of land, for free.

Commissioners met Friday morning to approve the initial steps in them acquiring the Voice Of America property off Cherry Run Road.

Known as VOA Site A, the 2,822 acre location hasn't been used since 2006.

The National Park Service now owns the land, and wants the county to respond within 15 days.

Initial plans would be for the county to turn the property into a park for recreation and trails. They could also construct a lake.

But the big cost may be in removing some 100 radio towers on the property that were used to beam government broadcasts halfway around the world during the Cold War.

Commissioners approved the county manager to further research the plan, and then a final vote on the idea is expected next month.