WITN Sits Down With Hunter Who Killed Huge Wild Boar In Bertie County

One shot is all it took to turn one local man into a hunting celebrity.

It all began when Jett Webb went night hunting in Bertie County on February 28.

Webb says he was sitting up in a tree when he saw what looked like a large, adult boar. He fired one, very well placed shot of his .308 caliber AR-15 rifle.

WITN sat down with the 34-year-old hunter on Tuesday.

Webb recalls, "Heart, lung, yep. That's kind of what we try to go for. Clean kill, dropped him, stoned him right in his tracks."

The 500 pound, seven-foot-long boar had been picked up by cameras along hunting trails in the past.

For Webb, physically picking it up was quite the challenge.

"I told my buddy I said Corey, we've got to get a 4-wheeler in here or there's no way we're getting this pig out. He obviously agreed," says Webb.

Webb has been hunting for over 20 years, but says the publicity from this kill far exceeds any he's gotten in the past.

"We're more familiar with white-tailed deer and bear and turkey and things like that. With that said, I think that the population growth will eventually have it where more and more counties will see wild pigs."

Webb is a member of the White Oak Ranch Hunting Club. The certified scales they used maxed the boar out at 500 pounds.

Webb hasn't decided about mounting it on his wall, but is grateful for the massive amount of food it will provide his family this year.

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An Eastern Carolina man is getting plenty of attention after killing a massive wild hog on a hunting trip last month.

34-year old Jett Webb of Conetoe tells us he was on a hunting trip with a close friend in Bertie County near the Roanoke River, when he saw a group of boars while waiting in a tree.

Webb shot the wild boar with a .308 caliber AR-15 rifle from 50 to 100 yards away, and tells us he didn't realize how large it was until he walked toward it.

The kill was made around 10:30 p.m. on February 28th.

The certified scales used by the White Oak Ranch Hunting Club to weigh the boar tipped in at well over 500 pounds.

Webb says he and his friend were only able to drag it 30 yards before needing a 4-wheeler to transport the beast.

Webb is still deciding whether or not to mount the boar, but is grateful for the amount of food it will provide for his family.

Dan Yesenosky spoke with Webb this afternoon and will have his story tonight on WITN News at 11.