Sandboxx app hopes to make life easier for military families

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The ability for military families to communicate with one another just got a whole lot easier thanks to the vision of a few military spouses.

An app called Sandboxx allows people to easily send mail while a loved one is deployed or away for training. It was created by Camp Lejeune marines and dependants and has grown exponentially since its launching on Veteran's Day.

Co-Founder Aliyah Meehan has been married to a marine for 13 years and said when your spouse is away at boot camp, training or deployments it can be hard on the entire family. Sandboxx was created to strengthen and support relationships during that time.

Sandboxx users can take a photo, add text, click send, and it is printed, folded, and sent in the mail. A feature called Mailboxx allows users to do that.

"Being able to send someone you love the thoughts of what you're feeling at that moment," says Meehan. "We wanted to be able to continue that and that is how Mailboxx came across, which really allows the convenience of 'My love is just a text away' type of support."

The Sandboxx app currently has 4,000 active users.