NAACP: Wake County Issue Could Hit Close To Home

Rev. William Barber, NAACP state President, visited Pitt County to discuss issues on possible segregation in Wake County that could affect schools in Eastern Carolina.

Tempers flared after the Wake County School Board proposed plans to move to a neighborhood based school system.

The move would ditch the current system where students from neighboring counties are bussed in to create diverse schools. It's something the NAACP says will create major conflict.

Rev. William Barber visited the Greenville Convention Center Friday. Barber says if the largest district in the state scraps the diversity plans soon to follow will be school systems like those in our backyard. He, along with other members of the NAACP made a trip to Greenville to push citizens to use their constitutional right and protest around the state in efforts to keep diversity in schools and in North Carolina communities.