Cesar Laurean Trial Won't Be In Onslow County

A judge has ordered to move a high profile case out of Onslow County.

Former Marine Cesar Laurean is awaiting his murder trial for killing fellow Marine Maria Lauterbach.

In court Tuesday for a motions hearing, both the district attorney and Laurean's lawyer agreed a change of venue was necessary because of the amount of publicity in the case.

The judge set Laurean's trial date for June 28th.

Lawyers have until December 18th to tell the court their intentions of where they want to hold the trial.

Defense lawyer Dick McNeil wants case the case moved to Craven County, but District Attorney Dewey Hudson will not comment on where he wants the trial. McNeil believes Hudson wants it in Wilmington.

McNeil believes the trial will take 2 to 3 weeks, while Hudson says it will take a month.