Camp Lejeune Reaction To Fort Hood Shooting

Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base in Jacksonville has issued a statement in reaction to the Fort Hood mass shooting.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the fallen, the wounded, their families and all who are suffering the anguish of the tragedy that occurred at Ft. Hood," said Colonel Richard Flatau Jr., the commanding officer of the Jacksonville base.

Base officials also say they are monitoring the developments at Fort Hood and assessing any possible impact or change in security measures at Camp Lejeune.

Base officials say: "Potential threats to the base are continuously monitored and assessed. The base’s force protection condition and measures are dynamically adjusted as warranted. That is the case every day, not just in response to what happened at Ft. Hood. We will be monitoring information developing from the Ft. Hood incident, and assessing its meaning for Camp Lejeune. We will do so with various Federal, state and local agencies just as we do routinely. As always, we will strive to balance security of the Base and people aboard it with expedient access of the Base by those authorized and needing it.
Persons seeking entry to the Base should have the necessary, valid Department of Defense (DoD) personal identification and DoD or base vehicle registration, or seek assistance at the Visitors Center located at the Base’s main gate.”