Choking Game Kills Cary Teen, Friend Creates PSA

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A deadly game is making its way into some of our kid's schools, bedrooms, and pastimes. It's being dubbed the good kid drug, more commonly known as the choking game. A dangerous activity that can kill and has here in North Carolina.

On November 2nd, 15 year old Kris Marceno died while playing the game which sprang one of his best friends into action.

Sarah Huck created a 1 minutes public service announcement, the video is part of the Raleigh teenager's goal to get the message out about the deadly game that killed Marceno.

Huck told WITN, "What they do is they choke themselves and when they let go the blood that they've blocked to their head rushes to their brain and for one kills brain cells and two gives a sort of high, similar to spinning around in circles all the time. This for one thing gets really hyped up, if you're talking to your friends and are like this is the new cool thing to do. Also, it's free, you don't have to find someone to give you drugs, you can just use things around your house like a dish rag or something."

That's exactly what Marceno did. He was discovered by his little sister with an electrical cord tied around his neck back in November. First believed to be a suicide, Marceno's friends quickly fessed up about what he had been doing.

Marceno's death is what prompted Huck. She wrote, produced, directed, and edited the one minute public service announcement to let other kids know how dangerous the choking game can be.

Since Sarah posted her PSA online it's been watched about 2,000 times. Viewers even post comments about how they've played the game and say it's just not worth it.

Huck hopes kids watch the video and read the comments, in memory of Marceno and in hope of preventing something like this from happening again.

"I just think he would feel the same way as I do, you don't want someone else to lose a friend."

If you're nervous your child might be playing the choking game watch out for bloodshot eyes, or unexplained bruises. Plus, check your kid's internet history, many are learning about the game while on the computer.

You can watch the video below.

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