Woman Convicted Of Murdering Military Officer Husband Says Trial Was Unfair

The lawyer for a woman serving a life sentence in the murder of her Air Force captain husband says he trial two years ago was unfair.

Michelle Theer's lawyer, Dan Pollitt, told the Court of Appeals today that evidence presented to a jury about her character "poisoned the atmosphere" at the trial.

Theer was convicted in December 2004 of conspiring with a soldier to shoot Marty Theer to death. Marty Theer was shot on a stairway outside his wife's office in December 2000.

Pollitt says material about Michelle Theer's sexual activities with other men presented at the trial had no bearing on whether she killed her husband.

The Marty Theer murder became the subject of a book, "The Officer's Wife" by Michael Fleeman, that went on sale in June.