Mary Lauterbach To Testify At Congressional Hearing

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The mother of Maria Lauterbach is set to appear at a hearing Thursday in Washington D.C. to testify about legislation to address sexual assault in the military.

Mary's daughter Maria, a Camp Lejeune Marine made rape allegations and had taken out protective orders against fellow Marine Cesar Laurean. In December of 2007, Maria was murdered and discovered on Laurean's property in January. He is now charged in her murder.

House Resolution 379 calls for a review and overhaul of the military's handling of sexual assault cases. The bill asks the Department of Defense to develop a comprehensive plan to prevent rape and sexual assault in our nation's armed forces.

Among the specific recommendations in the resolution are: a review of current training methods for all military investigations and Judge Advocate staff, the establishment of a policy to notify local civilian authorities of any military protection order, and offering any service member the option of a base transfer once they notify their command that they have been the victim of a sexual assault and a military protective order has been issued.