Parents Cautious After Boy Bitten At Bear Island

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Whatever took a bite out of a Wilmington boy's arm has people on the Crystal Coast beaches concerned for their child's safety as well as their own.

A group of Carteret County elementary school students took a field trip to Atlantic Beach on Tuesday. Some parents we spoke with say they keep a close eye on their children when they come to the ocean. Some don't even let them get into the water.

Officials at the North Carolina Aquarium in Pine Knoll Shores say the main thing parents and children need to be aware of are sharks.

Brian Dorn is the Husbandry Curator at the museum. Dorn says, "Just be aware that they are out there whether you can see em or not, but they don't target you as a food source. You kind of get in the way of what they're actually trying to eat. So the education part is a great tool that anybody can learn pretty easily."

Dorn also says sharks normally feed in the morning when the sun rises and at night when the sun sets. They also can mistake splashing for a stressed or dying animal, which they target for food.

Monday's incident happened at the beach on Bear Island in Onslow County. The Park Service says the boy was bitten on the bicep and lower arm by something in the water around 4:00 p.m. Monday.