NC Governor's Race Heads Down To Finish

There's been nothing easy about North Carolina's gubernatorial race.

Beverly Perdue and Richard Moore have spent a lot of money in their effort to succed Gov. Mike Easley, but they've been overshadowed by the first competitive presidential campaign in North Carolina in two decades.

State Sen. Fred Smith spent the better part of a year hosting
cookouts in all 100 North Carolina counties, time on the campaign trail matched by candidates Bill Graham and Bob Orr.

Then Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory jumped into the race less than five months before Tuesday's primary.

With just days to go before North Carolinians turn out to vote, polls indicate a sizable number of voters are still undecided.

And there's a chance it won't end Tuesday. Unless one of the five GOP
candidates wins more than 40 percent of the vote, the top two will
head for a runoff election next month.