Onslow County Sheriff Talks About Laurean's Capture

JACKSONVILLE, NC -- Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown spoke to WITN-TV Friday morning about the capture of Marine Corporal Cesar Laurean.

Brown said he is not surprised by the capture.

"I never had any doubt," Brown told reporters.

He went on to say law enforcement has always been close on Laurean's trail. Brown said as Laurean turned one corner, they were right behind him.

"Thursday, he didn't have any corners," Brown said.

Laurean is wanted for the murder of pregnant Marine Maria Lauterbach in December. Both Laurean and Lauterbach were stationed at Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville. Lauterbach's charred remains and those of her unborn baby were found in a shallow pit in Laurean's backyard in January. He has been on the run since that time.

Sheriff Ed Brown and his department were placed in an international spotlight as they investigated the case. State, federal and other law enforcement offices worldwide joined in the search for Laurean.

"The most important thing to law enforcement is to call the victim's family and tell them that the apprehension has been made. I know this without a shadow of a doubt, that is the greatest part of apprehension," Brown told reporters.

He said it gave him great joy to call Maria's family Thursday night following Laurean's capture, and they were glad justice could be pursued in this case.

When asked about Laurean's return and the possibility of having such a high-profile inmate in Onslow County, Brown said "It won't be high profile here. He'll just be just another inmate in the Onslow County Jail."

Brown talked about the overwhelming response to the case. He said in his years in law enforcement, he's never had so many citizens ask about a case. He told WITN no matter where he went, people were asking about Cesar Laurean. Brown was elected sheriff of Onslow County in 1990.

The Sheriff said he had the privilege of knowing what's going on behind the scenes and was impressed by the working relationship with the American law enforcement and the Mexican authorities. He thinks it is a good sign for both Mexican people and American people that the two countries can work together for a good cause.

Brown said he would be remiss if he did not credit the media. The sheriff said the coverage brought the story to the people and kept it in the spotlight.

Brown went on to say that while he stood Friday morning giving interviews, he needed to be careful what he said as it could impact a trial.

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