Census: NC Still Has More Pigs & Hogs Than People

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New data shows that pigs and hogs still outnumber people in North Carolina.

The U.S. Census Bureau released updated statistics Thursday in its latest edition of the Statistical Abstract of the United States. The report in an official summary of data that includes population and mortality rates, along with more abstract data.

For example, there were almost 8.9 million people living in North Carolina in 2006, compared to 9.5 million pigs and hogs. That's second only to Iowa, which has 17.2 million.

Other data highlights more serious issues.

The infant mortality rate in North Carolina in 8.8 per 1,000 births, which is the fourth highest rate in the country. On average, North Carolina spent $7,852 per student in elementary and secondary schools in 2005, ranking the state near the bottom at 39th.