NEW INFO: 10 Month Old Baby Killed By Family Dog

A 10 month old baby boy was killed Tuesday after being attacked by a family dog.

Hertford police say it happened Tuesday evening on West Railroad Street.

Officers say little James Hudson was not breathing when they arrived around 6:15 p.m. The baby was taken to Albemarle Hospital in Elizabeth City where he later died.

Police say the baby's grandmother was also taken to the hospital for her injuries received in the attack. She has since been released from the hospital.

Officers say their investigation shows the boy was attacked by the family's dog while in the care of his grandmother.

The dog was taken into custody and the Perquimans County Sheriff's Office is in the process of seeking consent from the owner to have the animal destroyed.

The family originally told police the animal was a pit bull mix, but shelter director Dana Goheen says the dog is a Labrador/American Bull mix, and they will have to hold it for ten days.

Police say their findings will be turned over to the Perquimans County Department of Social Services and the District Attorney's Office.