Questions remain about high school sports in the fall

CRAVEN COUNTY, NC (WITN) COVID-19 cut high school athletics short this spring and now there are many unanswered questions on what the fall sports season will look like once schools reopen.

Tameka Wiggins, Havelock High School Athletic Director says, "We really don't have any answers. Everything is up in the air and we're just waiting and trying to stay positive here."

Keeping the athletes, staff, and fans safe and healthy is a top priority, as they await guidance on what athletics will look like next school year.

Wiggins says, "It's almost like we're trying to be business as usual but the business may change."

In Craven County, one high school dance team is wasting no time while waiting to hear on when they can meet up again. The drill team is hosting virtual tryouts.

Drill team captain Mattie Smith says, "We saw some other college dance teams that had done the same thing so we figured why not try it. So it will be like a little video almost like a dance tutorial for people to follow along then video themselves and submit it back."

And like athletes at Havelock High School, dancers like Mattie are trying to stay positive. "I definitely miss seeing everyone on the team and dancing and school but we'll see how it turns out."

While athletic leaders wait for more information to come down from the state, they say they hope that soon, games will feel like they used to.

Wiggins says, "It's what keeps us all together, it's like a family reunion when you go to a game."