Local kids inspired by 2016 Rio Summer Olympics

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The 2016 Rio Summer Olympic games continue and it's been an exciting time to see all of the different sporting events and the key athletes in each event.

While millions tune in to watch the Olympics, it can have a more lasting impact on children.

"I think it's pretty cool, I wish I could do it when I grow up because it seems pretty fun," says Clayton Lemke who likes to watch swimming.

Andrew Richards prefers to watch Team USA's gymnastics team. "It's the best players all together," he says.

Whether it's swimming, gymnastics, or track and field, which seem to be some of the favorites, these young athletes see these Olympic competitors as role models.

"It teaches me to run faster and teaches me so I can build up speed," says Brandon Brown who enjoys watching track and field.

At the summer camps at the New Bern Twin Rivers YMCA, the Summer Olympic Games are all they can talk about.

"The swimming team and how they do back strokes, front strokes and how they can stay under the water for long," says swimming fan Brielle Miller.

The Olympics are not just fun to talk about and to watch, they're also encouraging kids to join a sport.

"A lot more people join every year there is an Olympics, it's when I started," says competitive swimmer Brennen Flanagan. "It just kind of gets the sport out there more, it gets more attention and people want to try it."

While stand outs like Usain Bolt, Simone Biles, and Michael Phelps are amazing competitors and athletes, it's those kinds of athletes that kids are talking about.

"They started where we are and it's really a big thing to see people that started doing exactly what we're doing got all the way up to that level," Flanagan explains.

At New Bern's YMCA and the Parks and Recreation Department, officials say it's not just kids getting into the Olympic spirit, adults are also more likely to start running, biking, or swimming after seeing the summer games.

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