Fans, player, coach tossed from Minges during ECU basketball game

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) - The ECU men's basketball team welcomed in No. 8 Houston on Wednesday night, but an unfortunate set of circumstances transpired inside Minges Coliseum as a couple of fans were escorted out by police, while an ECU player and head coach Joe Dooley were ejected.

What started as your normal college basketball game suddenly turned into much more than that as the second half got underway.

Dooley called what transpired a "debacle."

A fan was escorted out of the arena by police.

Then it was Dooley who got the boot after receiving his second technical. He was clearly unhappy and very irate.

Once Dooley left the game, one of his players got ejected for arguing a call. Sophomore guard Shawn Williams was bounced from the ball game for arguing a foul.

Then a second fan got dismissed.

Reportedly, water bottles were tossed onto the court.

As far as the game itself, the Pirates lost to the Cougars, 99-65.

Contacted Thursday morning, an ECU spokesman said Chancellor Cecil Staton had no statement on what happened and said the chancellor was out of the office "for the next week".