ECU Women’s Basketball Prepares for the Season with Annual Media Day

Published: Nov. 2, 2017 at 6:18 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, N.C. – With eight days until the 2017-18 season opener, ECU women’s basketball Head Coach Heather Macy and members of the team met with media Thursday afternoon inside the Smith-Williams Center to discuss the upcoming season.

The Pirates are set to take the court at Williams Arena at Minges Coliseum on Friday, Nov. 10 against USC Upstate at 8 p.m.

Head Coach Heather Macy

On the overall atmosphere so far

One of the great things were doing this year, is were really making it fun. We’ve got seven freshman and sophomores, it’s all so new, it’s all so fresh, and it’s really energized. I think our entire program, practices are upbeat, they’re spirited, they’re focused, they’re listening, they’re coachable, all great things.

On the team’s three goals this year

I gave them real specific questions to go into every game as the goal. The first one was, you have to be hard to prepare for. The second was, you want to be hard to play against, and then the third one you want to be hard to beat, and what are those characteristics, that make that up. We are finishing this whole thing out now, only six practices away from our first game, and now what are our roles and are we defining those roles leading into the first game.

Junior Alex Frazier

On having a chance to elevate her leadership as a returner

It has definitely given me somewhat of a base ground of what I had to go through and what older players taught me. So, just trying to help my younger players, and teaching them what I was taught and what I needed when I was younger.

Senior Thais Oliveira

On seeing her own improvement, growth and development in the offseason

A lot, especially after summer workouts. Last year, I was a little bit delayed because of my injury. I came here with an injury and had to get another surgery, so I couldn’t do a lot of running things. My offense around the free throw line is much better because of the summer workouts. I understand the system much better now this year, than last year as well.

Sophomore Raven Johnson

On the team’s strength this year

I think we really thrive off of energy, and doing the dirty work. Dirty work as is doing the rebounding and getting tough plays that Coach Macy calls Pirate Plays and getting on the floor. Basically, just being aggressive.

Sophomore Dominique Claytor

On the electric locker room atmosphere

It’s been different, a lot of new people, so it was a little different at the beginning but now that were all getting closer we all hang out so, in the locker room its very alive. We talk not even about basketball sometimes, but we ask about plays or anything that we need to know, so we all help each other out. It is very good, on and off the court.