ECU QB Reid Herring, RB Hussein Howe enter transfer portal

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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – ECU football backup quarterback Reid Herring and running back Hussein Howe both informed head coach Mike Houston on Tuesday of their decisions to enter the NCAA transfer portal.

"Reid Herring and I have had multiple conversations over the last few days, and he came by today to inform me he has decided to place his name in the transfer portal," Houston said. "He no longer wants to be a part of our program. I like Reid. He's been a valuable member of our team both on and off the field. We'll support him in this decision and wish him the best."

"We've got to work very hard to get Bryan Gagg ready to play," Houston said. "He is a true freshman and he's still learning how to play the college game, but we'll prepare him to get ready to play on Saturday."

“Hussein Howe came by to see me this afternoon and informed me he would like to transfer somewhere to be given an opportunity to play,” Houston said. “So I talked to him as well. I have good relationships with both kids. I wish both of them the best. I hope things work out."

“The one thing that is concerning not only to me, but probably a lot of coaches across the country,” Houston said, “I forget what the stat was exactly last year, but it was something like three percent of the players that enter the transfer portal actually get picked up by somebody. What happens to the other 97 percent? Once you throw your opportunity away, it’s gone. That bothers me because you get into this business to try to help young men graduate and to try to have them part of a positive program, and sometimes somebody might be in their ear and leading them down a path that they think something’s there that’s not. It scares me a little bit for some people. I think I have a pretty good grasp on reality and what’s out there, and what’s not.”