Holiday Dessert Bites


Peanut Butter Cup Dessert Bite Ingredients:
Creamy Peanut Butter
Hazelnut Spread
Whipped Topping
Crumbled Peanut Butter Cups

Strawberry Shortcake Dessert Bite Ingredients:
White Sheet Cake
Strawberries in Syrup
Whipped Topping
Crumbled Vanilla Wafers

Apple Pie Dessert Bite Ingredients:
Apple Pie
Whipped Topping
Caramel (the kind you can drizzle)


Take a small portion of each ingredient listed for the dessert bite you desire and layer them in a pretty glass. For adults, a martini glass works great. For the kids, a small, clear plastic cup is the ticket. You can layer as little or as much of each ingredient as you want. Add the whipped topping, then garnish. You can also add candy canes or other sweets to make these desserts even more festive!