Planetarium owner hoping eclipse brings about new interest in astronomy

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Kovac Planetarium, nestled into the lush woods of Wisconsin, is the vision of Frank Kovac. After many years of dreaming, along with plenty of blood, sweat and tears, he built a rolling mechanical globe planetarium which precisely replicates the seasonal stars of the Northern Hemisphere.

The planetarium is 22 feet in diameter and weighs 4,000 pounds. It was crafted with plywood and is powered by a small motor. Kovac meticulously painted its 5,000 glow-in-the-dark stars.

While he's proud of his creation, he's even more proud that he can educate and inspire visitors to have interest in astronomy.

"That was my goal. I was like, wow, you know, if I can build a planetarium, I can actually share my love of the sky and the beauty of the universe with others," Kovac said.

Kovac, along with much of the rest of the world is looking forward to the upcoming total solar eclipse.

"I'm really excited. I bet there will be a lot of new stargazers out there," Kovac said.

Kovac Planetarium has shows daily, but you must call ahead for reservations. For details, visit

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