Tips for getting the perfect solar eclipse photo on your smartphone

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - The solar eclipse is coming soon, and an expert at the U.S. Cellular store in North Platte, Nebraska said now is a great time for people to tinker with their smartphone's camera settings.

"It's important to get familiar with your smartphone's camera," Brita Sculley said. "Pull up the settings. Pull up the filters. Make sure that you have a filter that works best for you."

Sculley recommends making sure the flash is off when trying to take a picture because that could distort the image.

She also highly recommends resisting the urge to zoom in.

"It's always best to take a picture and you can always adjust that picture later. (You can) edit it after you take the picture," she said.

Make sure to check out the link that is attached on the right side of your screen.