Parents name son Espn

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WCAV) -- Melissa and David McLain walk through the halls of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the University of Virginia Hospital with joyful smiles.

"We've had an exciting couple of weeks because we welcomed our second and third baby," said Melissa. "And they're now here at the NICU at UVA."

The twins were born at Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital, and are particularly unique.

"They were almost born on May 4, which is Star Wars Day," said Melissa. "So their middle names are Luke and Leia, because boy and girl twins you have to do that."

The twins were named Espn and Taylor, and yes, Espn is named after the sports network ESPN.

"I jokingly asked my wife what she thought about the name Espn," said David. "She said she really liked it. When I told her I was just kidding, and that I was just saying ESPN as a single word, she said she still really liked it."

However, the names aren't the most interesting thing about the twins.

"This is the 5,000th baby I've delivered since the year 2000, when they started keeping records of them," said Dr. Edward Wolanski, a doctor at Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital.

"I thought that was pretty amazing, 5000 babies seems like a lot," said Melissa. "I wouldn't have wanted any other doctor. He delivered my first born child."

"Not many people get to do what I do, and the nice part about it is I get to practice and follow my patients from start to finish," said Wolanski.

To put Wolanski's 5,000 births into perspective, it would fill UVA's baseball stadium, Davenport Field, more than two times its total capacity.

"That means that you are in very good hands with Dr. Wolanski, lots of experience," said Melissa.

Wolanski says that he estimates he has delivered around 10,000 babies since he moved to Charlottesville in 1986.

The McLain's newest additions will be at UVA's NICU center for the time being as they continue to grow stronger.

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