Mental Health Monday: Experts encourage self care during pandemic

Published: May. 11, 2020 at 8:40 AM EDT
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As you continue to navigate this "new normal," health experts say it's important to prioritize self care.

Director of Clinical Services at Brynn Marr Hospital Tatianna Brooks-Johnson says self care is vital to our mental, physical and spiritual well-being, but can often go overlooked.

"Before we go to sleep at night, we charge our phones. If we forget, we make sure to charge them throughout the day so we can get 100% battery charge. Self care really is like making those battery charges for ourselves," Brooks-Johnson.

She says it's as simple as eating healthy, getting enough sleep at night or engaging in your hobbies.

Brooks-Johnson says there are varying degrees of self care, all which should be practiced in order to boost your overall well-being.

She says there are small, medium, large and extra large practices, which include the following:

-Small self care: Things you do on a daily basis i.e. taking a refreshing shower, snuggling with a pet or loved one or drinking your morning cup of coffee.

-Medium self care: Things you do on a few times a week i.e. checking in on family and friends, going fora walk or exercising or ordering take-out.

-Large self care: Things you do monthly i.e. getting your hair or nails done or visiting a spa.

-Extra-large self care: Things you do quarterly or biannually i.e.going on vacations or family trips.

“Our small, medium and large self care is really what gets us going and keeps us afloat so when we do go on vacation or go away, those are rejuvenating,” Brooks-Johnson explained.

Experts say even when the pandemic is over, it's important to practice self care and instill these priorities into your life to help balance your overall health.

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