5 year old Greenville cancer patient wanting Christmas cards

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GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) - Kids ask for just about anything this time of year and many times it can be expensive or hard to find.

However, one Pitt County child, who is battling cancer, found joy in words of encouragement sent to him in a card. Now he hopes for just that this year.

Children love video games and Skylander on X-Box Live is five-year-old Hayden Drake's favorite game.

It's entertainment for him as he battles leukemia.

Six months ago, his lymph nodes started to swell so bad that his mom, Summer Avery, took him to the emergency room on two separate occasions.

"They drew his blood and they all rushed in and said he has cancer," she remembers.

Within days, he started treatment.

"Some of the medicines makes him sick and he gets really tired," Hayden's mom says.

With his compromised immune system, the little boy mainly stays home with his dad, three-week-old baby brother and mom.

Trips down the driveway to the mailbox became an adventure for him, especially to see if he got any mail.

Get well cards with stickers sent to Hayden tapered off through the months, so she gave him the circulars.

"We'd get sales papers and stuff and he'd play with the little keys and stuff like that," the mother says.

So Avery's cousin got an idea to ask people on Facebook to send cards.

"Yesterday he got five cards in the mail and he does this little happy dance the whole time we were reading the cards," Avery tells WITN.

The good news is Hayden is in remission, but will need treatment for the next three years.

If you're interested in sending Hayden a card this Christmas, his address is 1637 Lum Buck Road, Greenville, NC 27858.


All he wants for Christmas is a Christmas card.

That's not too much to ask for a five-year-old cancer patient from Greenville.

Hayden Drake learned this summer he had leukemia and days later he began chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

The child loves getting mail, even more so, with his name on it. So, Summer Avery, the boy's mother, said her cousin suggested to make Hayden's holiday special with Christmas cards made out to him.

So far, after putting it on social media, they received a dozen cards. His mom says when Hayden goes to the mailbox, he does a happy dance when there's a card in there for him.

If you want to help put a smile on Hayden's face, you can send him a card too. His address is 1637 Lum Buck Road, Greenville, NC 27858.

The child is in remission now, but had to continue treatment at Vidant Medical Center for the next three years.